Born in the early`90s, is projected through the years to become a meeting point for sailors, tourists, residents, locals, thus acquiring the status of a classic, and it is impossible to stop visiting this great pub if you are in Punta del Este.
Nestled on the Playon the harbor and overlooking the bay and Borneo, is set in the style of Irish pubs, presents a visual choice and comfort in five defined levels:
The terrace deck, roof terrace in wood and stone bar, located inside the main bar to its VIP lounge on the first floor near the lounge and terrace sailors.

For Moby Dick have spent the past decade significant and early this millennium, having been selected as the best pub in the world by a vote of the crews that made up the Whitbread Around the World Race.
In his bar anchored most important ships visited the port of Punta del Este and stopped at the same famous visitors, highlighted in various disciplines that make up everyday life sport, art, politics and science.
For this and more has been gained in its own right high on the best tourist guides published in the world. The desire to be a meeting point for lovers of live music quality. With these premises achieved, after 19 years, positioning itself as one of the leaders of Punta del Este.
In appointing Punta del Este in the world by tourists who have visited Punta del Este, immediately named Moby Dick, with a happy face
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DJ Resident

Alien Wilkins

An icon of music in Punta del Este

Eight years of experience in Punta del Este's and Buenos Aires' nights. Rock & Pop, Classics, House and Hip hop.

+598 (42) 44 12 40 / Rambla Artigas 650 / Puerto de Punta del Este / URUGUAY

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